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Vancouver plumbers

Article provided by: Tap Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Vancouver plumbers

Knowing When To Hire Vancouver Plumbers

A lot of people think it is expensive to hire Vancouver plumbers so they try to fix minor plumbing issues themselves to save some money. This idea does not always work fine. Sometimes, it backfires and leads to more problems.

You could handle it yourself and be able to fix it right up. This will definitely give you some kind of satisfaction and fulfillment and most importantly, it saves you a lot of money that you would have paid a plumber. At the same time, you could end up making the problem even worse, turning a minor fault into a major plumbing issue. When this happens you will end up paying more than the amount you were trying to save. So, it is advisable to be able to differentiate minor plumbing issues that can be handled by a non-plumber from serious issues that require the attention of one of Vancouver plumbers.

The little twist here is that there is no rigid line between what an amateur can handle and what only a plumber can handle. This is because different people have different levels of plumbing experience. What one amateur can fix may be too much for another.

The idea here is to know your own skill. The skill and experience of a non-plumber who installed his own pipes can never be compared to the experience and skill of a non-plumber that has never handled a common wrench before. So, you need to do a proper assessment of your plumbing skill. What if you find out that you can fix the issue but lack the required equipment?

Some minor faults that can be fixed by virtually anybody

The easiest tasks anyone can handle is repositioning a sink stopper that has been placed wrongly. It requires no experience and expertise. The only tool required is a pair of pliers. The repair is only in the drain. So there is limit to the extent of damage you can cause.

A leaky faucet can also be easily fixed. You just need to shut off the water supply before locating the source and cause of the leakage. This is a little more difficult than the wrongly placed sink stopper and it requires some plumbing tools.

A blocked drain is one task even your ten year old can handle. All you need is a plunger or a plumbing snake. What makes this task too easy is the fact that there is no how you can make things worse. There is no risk of messing things up. You are either able to fix it or not.


With a mastery of some basic plumbing knowledge and more equipment, you might be able to fix more complicated and technical jobs. At the same time, that does not raise you to the level of professional Vancouver plumbers. You still need to know your limit. You will never be able to fix any issue that requires going into the walls or issues with sewer line. You definitely require professional hand for these types of faults. A professional can also be able to identify a potential problem and offer preventive measures.


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