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Licensed Electrician Panel Virginia-highlands

Licensed Electrician Panel Virginia-highlands

A blackout is an event that can happen to you at home at any time. When this happens, the first thing you should check is the extent of the fault. If it is a power outage in the entire residential area, you should contact the electric company for assistance.

What To Do If The Outage Is In Your Home?

If the power failure is only in your residence, it is essential that you perform verification on the central panel or distribution panel. The board is a panel of switches that are placed after the meter, which is the place where electricity enters your home.

This device is usually located in your garage, basement, or somewhere near the entrance to your home. This panel is made up of a series of switches, which in turn distribute and control electricity throughout the house. When you locate the board, you should check that all the thermal breakers (or switches) are operational. Remember to do this check very carefully and avoid tampering with this device if moisture or water is present.

Fault Persists

If, after verifying the correct position of the breakers, you are still without electricity, it is advisable to consult a certified electrician specializing in electrical panels. It is essential to understand why you should seek the assistance of a certified professional.

Why Hire a Certified Electrician?

The service panel distributes electricity throughout the property. It is a complicated matter, which not everyone can manipulate. First, these professionals have the safety expertise that allows them to operate the device without endangering their lives. If you need a licensed electrician panel specialist in Virginia-Highlands, you can contact us, at Epie's Electrical Service we are ready to help you.

Also, the electrician has the technical capability to detect the source of the fault. A first possible scenario is a fault in the panel itself. These are the most common issues that can cause your board to fail:

  • Wiring with unsuitable material
  • Switches not by the necessary capacity
  • Oxidation or Corrosion of any of the parts
  • Damage caused by rodents
  • Burnt or overheated components
  • Humidity or water entering the panel
  • Defective contact points

If this or any other fault is detected, the certified electrician will correct the error so that the electricity returns to your property.

In some cases, the source of the failure may be external to the distribution panel. In that case, if you hire an excellent certified electrician such as those working at Epie's, the professional will be able to inspect the rest of the circuits in the home. These are the five main external faults that can affect your distribution panel:

  1. Overloaded Circuits
  2. Short-circuits
  3. Earth Faults
  4. Incorrect circuit components
  5. Use of high-consumption equipment (motors or welding machines, for example)

Trust The Specialists

If you have problems with the electricity in your home and need a licensed electrician panel specialist in Virginia-Highlands, you are in the right place. Our electricians have the technical expertise to service, replace or repair your distribution panel, both primary or secondary. Don't leave the electricity and safety of your home and family in anyone's hands, let the more than 30 years of experience of Dan Doster and his team work for you. Contact us.

Licensed Electrician Panel Virginia-highlands
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