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Electrical Inspection Houston

Article provided by: Collaborative Services

When you need a residential or commercial electrical inspection in Houston, Collaborative Services is your best choice for quality service. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and know-how to provide you with a complete inspection of your home or business to ensure its electrical system meets Texas state’s safety standards and codes. It surprises a lot of homeowners to learn they should have their home inspected from top to bottom every five years to reduce safety hazards. Along with routine home system inspections, we offer a number of additional inspection services, as well:

  • Checks before buying a home or business
  • Construction inspections
  • New code implementation inspections
  • Post-floor or fire inspections

Is an Electrical Inspection Really Important?

When calling into question the importance of an electrical inspection, you may as well as whether the safety and well-being of family, friends, customers, clients, and employees are really important. A professional inspection can significantly reduce the likelihood of a fire, prevent electrical shock, and ensure uninterrupted electrical service throughout your building. Make sure you hire a reputable electric company that can provide an affordable electrical inspection in Houston in a timely manner. You should expect service to be scheduled within the next couple of weeks, give or take a few days. A company that books out longer than one month is too busy to provide personalized service. Contact Collaborative Services for fast response to your call.

What Does an Electrical Inspection in Houston Entail?

A qualified electrical inspector will perform a series of checks to ensure your building’s entire electrical system is 100% up to state and federal codes. Collaborative Services’ electricians will inspect all of the following:

  • Electrical circuits, ensuring the correct number of circuits for the electrical demand. We’ll check to make sure dedicated circuits are available for large appliances.
  • GFCI and AFCI circuit protection in outdoor or below grade areas or near sinks and water sources.
  • Correctly installed and connected electrical boxes.
  • Outlet and switch heights, for consistency and correct distance from floor and ceiling
  • Cables & wires, to ensure correct clamping to boxes
  • Safe cable anchoring
  • Proper wire labeling
  • Surge protection
  • And customized items upon request

Avoid DIY Electrical Work and Shortcuts

Hire a professional electrician in your community to ensure all electrical projects are completed to the highest standards in safety. Every five years, call Collaborative Services for a complete electrical inspection in Houston to maintain security at home or at the workplace. When it’s time for an upgrade or you need any type of electrical work performed, we highly recommend calling in an expert rather than attempting do-it-yourself improvements.

Texas Electrical Specialists

No electric company brings more experience or knowledge to the table than our team from Collaborative Services. We’re concerned about safety and committed to providing affordable service rates so that all home and business owners can fit our services into their budget. Look no further for reliable, straightforward electrical upgrades, remodeling or addiction electrical work, installation of EV charging stations, and many other services, besides.

Electrical Inspection Houston
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